Corper Diaries: Entry#1


For me, NYSC was just something to do for a proper job in Nigeria, and just so it doesn’t haunt you if you have aspirations for a political position in the future.

I started buying the idea of the NYSC along the line – the idea of unity. Although, now, people just do it because they have to.

My mom has a picture of herself in her NYSC uniform, and she’d love to have mine too.

It’s an experience I should have; an avenue for a lot of connection.
Sketching has been more of an escape for me, it isn’t a passion, and with the nysc and the job, I haven’t had any reason to escape in a long while.

I think everything is really messed up. I didn’t quit modeling, I just never started. I paid, and traveled and nothing worked out right, the modeling agent made it look like I wasn’t serious, said I’m a spoilt brat. I didn’t stress it too much. Yes, He’s successful, but my mental health is more important.

I was at my local government for my clearance and this man who should be at least 20 years older wouldn’t let me be, said he liked me, he’d love to be my boyfriend, said I have blonde hair and I’m from Babcock so I should understand. He asked “are you a bad girl?” haha. “if you’re not a bad girl, why did you colour your hair?”

Even my father is always like “Are you a star. Are you a star? Why are you coloring your hair?” and I’m like “I’m a star, I’m God’s star.”



I knew I was going to serve, so I made plans and set goals. I’m not serving for my parents like some people would say they’re doing, I’m doing it for myself, to achieve some of the things I couldn’t before

Like right now I’m in the institute of human resources and strategic management.. I’m venturing into a lot of things, so the nysc has been positive for me.

I can talk, and the nysc is giving me an opportunity to actually talk, on air, through my community development group. These are things I’d normally find very hard to come by, so I don’t think I’d have missed nysc for anything. I only wish they could shorten it? Like six months? And, the increment of the allowance, it could go a long way. We need it.


I wasn’t going to serve. I can almost say I was cajoled? I didn’t set my mind to it. But right now, I have met a lot of people and it’s been great. I still don’t buy into the idea, but I’m here already.

Yes, I had a skill before starting, one I used in camp without pay haha, but I haven’t even had the chance to focus on it since I started working. Sometimes, it’s frustrating, but I also love where I’m working, so it’s a 50 50 for me

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