Paranoid – A Lot – in Lagos

Name: Kester Onyaemaechi
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

From my last time of writing about being a little paranoid in Lagos state, we’ve recorded 51 positive cases across the country, 2 of whom are top government officials. A host of Nigerians think that this is not the actual number. They hold the proposition that the government is hiding a lot from the masses seeing as the two announced government officials to have contracted the virus have made contact with a lot of others and seeing as it’s a chain reaction, one can easily presume that they’re in a big mess up there. 

And although we can argue that chaos is a tool, here, it seems the government isn’t quite willing to employ it. Or even if they do, they’d want it to emanate from the hands of the citizens. So what do they do? Firstly, they cover up the other positive cases (some believe that of the president is involved) and when Jack Ma’s treatment/test kits arrived in Nigeria, they move everything from Lagos (the state with the highest recorded positive cases) to Abuja (the state with one of the lowest recorded positive cases). And why would they do that, if not for the mere fact that there are a lot of positive cases being hidden in Abuja, from the case soft Alhaji Atiku’s son Moh Atiku who made contact with a host of people before eventually being quarantined, to the chief of staff Abba Kyari, who made contact even with the president himself? 

So it’s safe to say that the country is in a bit of an underground chaos, and if it gets out of hands, it’s obvious that the politicians will be prioritized, as has been the case when a ventilator was pulled from a functional unit in the Abuja Central hospital to the Aso rock villa Clinic. It begs to wonder why a clinic that has had over 5billion naira of funding in that last 4 years wouldn’t have one ventilator. 

The case here is that we have a lot of politicians who never thought it wise to invest in the health sector because they could afford to fly abroad for treatments and check-ups, but now they’re being forced to use facilities they never thought to improve in the dilapidated states in which they left them. Citizens are screaming karma, but even without karma, it’s obvious one can only get what he gives, the concept of sowing and reaping.

And as we wait for more uncoverings, we wonder how much contacts must have been made by returning travelers that make up over 90% of our positive cases. And also, we wonder what is the fate of those contacted and the contacts they must have made themselves. It’s a damn chain reaction, a gory thought nonetheless.

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